Our Objectives


Astelec is:


For the well being of staff, the business and to the expectations of the customer.


Mobilise resources at short notice to respond to customer priority needs.


To deliver projects in a timely manner to exceed customer’s expectations.


To accurately document processes and repeatedly deliver to known standards of quality.


To perform works at a competitive and comparative price.


Seamless end to end delivery of total customer needs/expectations.

Occupational Health Safety and Welfare

Employee Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare is seen by ASTELEC as being critical to its business. By being fully informed and in compliance with all OHS&W matters it is ASTELEC’s focus to:

  • Differentiate itself from other sub-contractors by being fully informed and complying with all OH&S legislation, regulations and requirements in accordance with IS. 1408
  • Position itself as contractor of choice based on its OH&S compliance and performance record.
    Attract and retain capable and skilled staff based on its commitment to overall staff welfare.
  • Continually improve the well being of staff by proactively managing workplace OH&S issues and developing procedures to minimise/avoid mishap or injury.


ASTELEC has a genuine commitment to delivering quality of service and quality in product. In-process Quality will differentiate ASTELEC from others. To this end ASTELEC:

  • Is developing operating policies, procedures and instructions in line with its business growth, experience and knowledge. In this way the procedures are ‘owned’ by the personnel within the company and they have a strong commitment to their implementation and success.
  • With the benefit of extensive previous experience in the implementation of quality systems is modelling its procedures around ISO9001 (and ISO9000) standards.
  • Is developing processes to enable ISO9001 quality standards when viable to do so.
  • Is working towards training/qualifying and developing all staff to meet legislative, technical, customer and work skill requirements prudent in the communications construction environment.


ASTELEC has committed itself to developing economically viable and environmentally sustainable business processes. With this as a focus ASTELEC:

  • Are currently documenting their current environmental work practices and procedures.
    Are over time developing an environmental management system.
  • Are developing an overall environmental system cognisant of the more environmentally sensitive types of potential future works and projects.