One of the keys to ASTELEC being commercially competitive is its ability to minimise the fixed component of labour costs. To this end ASTELEC:

  • Has an enterprise agreement with all staff which increases productive hours available yet reduces (eliminates) non-productive hours.
  • Is actively pursuing ‘creative’ employment/resourcing methodologies as a means to minimising labour costs, improving work/family interaction yet obtaining / retaining specialised skills.
  • Has developed a pool of trained/qualified/accredited staff which, in concert with the individual’s life and family needs, are employed as project and work loads require.

Skills, Experience and Capability

Communication Construction

  • Extensive high level project management of large and major infrastructure projects.
  • Extensive project management of smaller customer focussed infrastructure projects.

External Plant Communications

  • External plant construction of all facets RCMs, RIMs, CMUX-AGH, ISAM – AGH and SCaDS, including civil works pit/pipe, Copper and Fibre cable hauling and splicing, equipment installation, power connection etc…
  • Trenching and boring capability in conjunction with ‘partner’ business.
  • Optical fibre install / joint set-up / splice and commissioning, outages and re-arrangements associated with RIM/CMUX/SDH and customer wideband.

Internal Plant Communications

  • Design and documentation of RCMs, RIMs, CMUX (including AGH), SCaDS, SDH and associated communications infrastructure, including new starts and augments.
  • Installation of racking infrastructure, subracks, Alarms (Tesams), LODs etc.. associated with a range of switching and transmission technologies.
  • Installation of Ericsson AXE, Alcatel S12 and CMUX/ADSL narrowband and broadband ‘switching’ equipment.
  • Commissioning and integration of RCMs, RIMs, CMUX (narrowband/broadband), SCaDS, S12 switching ‘nodes’ into network. This includes augments and card re-configurations.
  • Cutover of customers including special services onto RIM, CMUX narrowband and broadband.
  • Installation of various line extension panels and other activities required for ‘HOT’ cutovers.
  • Installation, Commissioning and re-arrangement of SDH Fibre rings.
  • Cabling of commercial premises and high rise buildings for data and voice communication networks.
  • Optical Fibre bearer establishment, outages and re-arrangements associated with RIM/CMUX/SDH and customer wideband.


‘A’ class electricians – Construction and maintenance of single and 3 phase industrial installations.

Accreditations / Licences / Qualifications

  • Technical Officer / Technician (Telecommunications)
  • Telstra site and facilities ticket (Internal Plant) (All exchanges in SA and NT including Flinders MCB, Waymouth and Broken Hill Telephone Exchange access)
  • CMUX narrowband commissioning accreditation
  • Telstra pit/pipe and hauling licence
  • Telstra accredited Optical splicing and commissioning and copper jointing
  • Electrical workers and contractor’s licence ( ‘A’ class licence)
  • Roadworks Traffic management
  • Elevated Work Platform ticket
  • Explosive tool ticket
  • Westfield shopping centres safety accreditation and constructors approval
  • Austel Registered internal plant communication cabling
  • Senior First Aid
  • Telstra TEBA accreditation


On the Job development of junior staff by more experienced qualified personnel to allow resourcing flexibility and thus maximise project delivery capability and responsiveness to customer needs.

Formal accredited training on OH&S and task/skill specific technologies and equipment as opportunities present and as projects demand/require.

Astelec has three apprentices that we have engaged through Peer training.

Plant and Equipment


  • 300 square metres detached high clearance alarmed workshop/storage area with fully equipped
  • Air-conditioned internal office accommodation and ‘lunchroom’ facilities.
  • 80 square metres detached air-conditioned alarmed office/administrative accommodation with kitchen facilities.
  • 800 square metres of secured usable land space for car-parking and external storage.


  • 10 tonne truck equipped with maxilift for external plant construction.
  • Enclosed vans equipped for electrical/communications internal plant construction.
  • 1 tonne utilities equipped for external plant construction.
  • Station wagons equipped for electrical/communications internal plant construction.
  • High rise Transit Vans set up as splicing accommodation.

Tools / Equipment / Infrastructure

  • All associated equipment for external plant construction such as gas detectors, cable locators, cable rollers etc. for pit, pipe and hauling applications.
  • A fully networked operation base with plotter printer capabilities
  • Extensive range of tools and test equipment such as earth meggers, multimeters, Digital Transmission Analysers (BERT testers), VF level meters etc applicable to internal plant and electrical construction.
  • Fully calibrated Optical Splicing equipment including Fitel splicing machines, light sources, power meters, OTDR’s, VFL (Visual Fault Locators) bare fibre adaptors, variable attenuators, live fibre identifiers.


ASTELEC is currently fully self funded with zero debt. All asset acquisition and working capital is currently covered from retained earnings.

ASTELEC has ready access to both internal and/or external capital funds (if required) to support future growth, purchase of new capital plant and specific large projects requiring extended working capital.