With over 16 years’ experience in the Telecommunications construction industry, Astelec’s track record is strong and proven. We have successfully completed hundreds of projects across multiple industries in South Australia & Northern Territory. We customise solutions to meet our clients’ requirements. By utilising our knowledge of the sector ensures measurable outcomes, and delivers cost benefits to all customers without compromising on safety or quality.

Building the NBN


Today in SA, Astelec is building the NBN. Astelec is constructing the NBN both directly and through our Tier 1 construction partners. Today we are building a significant amount of the Brownfields & Greenfields deployments both metro and regionally as well as many of the NBN Points of Interconnects, fibre runs duct work etc. At […]

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The Adam Data Centre


Astelec helped build the Adam Data Centre. Astelec was intimately involved from the start of the Adam DC Stage 1 & 2 projects. We assisted at various levels throughout the build process such as Power design and installation, cable distribution, flood mitigation, caging solutions, fibre termination & building entry and pathways etc.

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